Leading with Clarity learn from a executive coach in 2023

With the price of fuel these days, you wouldn’t get in your car and drive around aimlessly. Similarly, with time as your most precious resource, you want to have more clarity around how you spend it.In this article As a executive coach i described why you should Leading with Clarity


That’s why I want to review what having clarity has meant for me and what it can do for you. At the start of the year,  As a executive coach I launched my LinkedIn newsletter #CLARITY and shortly afterwards, developed a robust coaching roadmap aimed at helping overworked and overstretched overachievers regain control of their life by mastering how they spend their time and energy, how they can lead more effectively, and how to inspire trust in others by role-modelling behaviours that align with their core values. And it all starts with clarity.


At the end of the day, when you gain more clarity in your personal and professional life, you gain greater self-awareness which allows you to better focus and regain more control and independence. I learned firsthand that clarity can help you better regulate your emotional energy, improve levels of motivation, connect with empathy and compassion, and build meaningful connections.

Over the next few months’ editions of my newsletter, I’ll continue to share insightful tips to help you gain greater confidence to identify your strengths and the courage to take calculated risks, stay consistent and committed to your outcomes, and form resilient connections in your communities. You guessed it; the roadmap starts with clarity.


So sit back, enjoy your favourite drink, read on, and learn how to bring more clarity into your life.


Clarity, a lens for self-development

I want you to look at yourself through a different lens so you can see something extraordinary. Daily, you look in the mirror and see the same person starting back, flawed and imperfect. I want you to embrace those flaws and imperfections and know that no matter how many times you wipe the mirror, you’ll still see flaws and imperfections because it’s part of being human, it’s part of being you.


But being flawed and imperfect doesn’t have to be a setback. When you gain greater clarity, you can recognize who you are in the present moment with more self-awareness. You can diagnose what is holding you back from growing and improving, determine the steps you need to take, and develop a plan to get things done.


Becoming better, stronger, more confident, and courageous doesn’t mean you get perfect, you simply improve your skills, add to your competencies, and learn to take on more responsibility to learn better habits to achieve important milestones on your journey. Whether you’re planning your next week or the next five years, the objective is to build consistency and stay committed to your outcomes because the opposite of success is not failure, it’s getting bored with yourself and what you’ve mastered over time.


With a clear mindset, you become more focused, your perception clearer, and you start to recognize, understand, and organize your thoughts more effectively. Clarity is essential for your well-being and overall health — physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual — and it helps you remain fully engaged in every moment. Simply put, clarity helps you develop a clear lens to see within yourself more genuinely and realistically interpret what goes on around you.

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Achieving mental clarity  

We all experience moments when it feels like we’re looking at life through a fogged-up lens. As an executive coach i think It can get hard to make sense of a situation, assess how we should react and evaluate the impact of our actions. When you lack clarity, you might struggle to finish a task or a thought as if you were driving around in circles and repeatedly coming back to the starting point with little to show for it.


That foggy feeling that your mind is all over the place, of not having direction, feeling confused, forgetful, and lacking focus, is a result of lacking mental clarity, and it could be caused by stress, overworking, lacking sleep, and even spending too much time plugged in.


But striving to achieve mental clarity doesn’t mean you can expect to be mentally sharp every day of the week. Rather, you can release the burden of overthinking and being constantly distracted and instead of making life-changing decisions overnight, you can focus on incremental progress. Put simply, mental clarity means you are more realistic.


When you experience greater stints of mental clarity, you start learning to carry your weather and become better equipped to respond to stress and anxiety, which improves brain function, avoids burnout and overwhelm, and maintains a productive and engaged lifestyle.


With newfound confidence and capability, you can develop a state in which your mind is fully active and engaged to work through problems and challenges, stay productive throughout the day, and enjoy sharper memory recall, which helps with quick thinking and unclouded judgement to make better decisions .


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Leading with greater clarity

No one wants to walk behind someone who doesn’t know where they’re going, who’s fickle and constantly changing their mind. Ask yourself, what kind of leader inspires you and why, and if you are that sort of leader and why or why not. You can’t expect from others what you’re not ready to give yourself, so clarity means you aim to establish transparency and invite others to share their feedback with you openly and without fear of reprimand.


As a leader who is clear on their vision, you intentionally choose behaviours that align with your core values. People can see how you lead by example, and how you role model, rather than role play, so others are inspired to follow suit. What’s more, when you have greater clarity, you’re more consistent and less likely to react impulsively so you draw people closer through trust.

Leading with clarity goes beyond the person-to-person and day-to-day, it permeates throughout the organization to nurture a culture of trust and empowerment, which translates into stronger relationships with your clients as well.

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Bringing it all together

Learning to develop greater clarity improves productivity, time management and overall focus, it results in a healthier lifestyle and more meaningful relationships, all of which lead to better outcomes for you, your people, and your clients.


Ask me how an executive coach can help you develop greater clarity and emotional intelligence.

Leading with Clarity is a roadmap to develop stronger leadership skills and help you manage yourself, so you achieve without always being overstretched and overworked. Ask me how 1:1 coaching can help you develop healthy habits to lead with more clarity in your personal and professional life.

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