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My name is Mohamed Hammoud. I am a husband to a wonderful partner and father to three beautiful children.

I have always been motivated to genuinely connect with others. By the time I was a young adult, I could speak several languages and had travelled and studied abroad to learn about other people and their cultures.
Over the years, I developed a unique background in transformative leadership, diversity and inclusion, and in 2017, I founded Desire2Lead, a small boutique agency, to help small and mid-size organizations develop their leaders and design engaging and inclusive cultures.
Through my work as an executive coach, I empower entrepreneurs and senior leaders to hone their leadership skills, form strong relationships, and scale their businesses.
And I do this all through the power of EQ simplified, a process that leverages emotional intelligence to help you build positive habits so you can discover your passion to learn, grow, thrive, and lead with clarity.



What people are saying

Mohamed is a natural leader and visionary. When I met him it was clear that he has a passion to develop the best in everyone he meets. He sets realistic goals and achieves them while encouraging and developing the best in everyone around him. It has been my pleasure to have worked with Mohamed.

Diane Gordon

Real Estate Agent
Mohamed Hammoud has shared his words of encouragement and motivation for my group of Newcomer Adult students on several occasions. He has an ability to uplift others by engaging and connecting on a human level. Newcomers often lack confidence and can be wary about their employment prospects; Mohamed is able to help them recognize their potential and inspire action. He does this in a genuine, authentic manner. To put it simply, he leaves his audience feeling like they matter.

Jen Artan M. Ed. OCELT CELTA

IWC Hamilton, Elliii.com
Mohamed is a talented story-teller and leader. His professionalism and efficiency in collaboration make him easy and relatable to work with.

Anisa Diab

Mental Health Counselor
I'm delighted to speak to Mohamed's formidable skills as a leader and facilitator for immigrant conversations. As a portal that showcases immigrant journalism, it has been our privilege to have Mohamed lead our workshops and training program. He has done both in-person and virtual workshop presentations, as well as speaking extempore, bringing his unique ability to reframe ideas and drive meaningful discourse. He has been integral both to NCM's growth as a media platform and our storytelling.

George Abraham

Founder and Publisher, New Canadian Media
Mohamed has the best approach and personality for working with people who aspire to become, or who are already leaders within their organization. He is open and approachable and has a deep understanding of the human psyche. Everyone learns differently – some by doing, some by reading, and some by listening. Mohamed uses multiple tools with each of his clients so that he can adapt to the best way each client needs to receive the message

Angela Ruthenberg

VP Enterprise Svcs & Technology
As the keynote speaker at our first-ever online Muslim Lifestyle Event, Mohamed delivered a compelling and motivating welcome to participants and businesses from around the world. His inspiring story and engaging energy captured the audience's attention and set the tone for our 3-day event.

Marta Rozsa

CEO, Noor and Zafir
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